I take photographs of people.

The more images I make the more I realise I’m concerned with identity. Foremost I’m interested in how artists and thinkers put forward their identity and how it’s inextricably present in their own work. Lately my personal work has been informed by the impact that the modern world has on identity; its smoothing over and its erosion. I look to collect any remaining brightness where I can find it.

I’m most successful when taking photos quickly and reacting to the moment, then spending more time later crafting an image with my hands under dull red light.

My work has been commissioned and published by a diverse list of publications including;

Rolling Stone
Fred Perry Subculture
Sunday Times Style Magazine
Dumbo Feather
The Psychologist

I’m one third of the photographic collective Bromide, the main output of which is a forthcoming print magazine.

I’m very personable. Please do get in touch.